Mobinance is positioned as knowledge gateway supporting companies, teams and people with strategic integration between Telecom, IT, Media and financial services

What We Do

Mobinance works with major international players in Telecom, IT and Financial Service industries. We have focussed on addressing strategic business, marketing, distribution and technical issues faced by our clients.

First time in history, Telecom, IT and Financial Services industries are increasingly overlapping, requiring indepth knowledge from all of them, in order to innovate and roll out products to market successfully.

There are major changes that we will encounter in coming years:

Increase speed of broadband is creating new business opportunities

  • New services
  • New technologies to improve services
  • New hardware
  • Increase independence from operators

"Big Data"

  • Social media plays central role in predicting, targeting, recommending, creating attention, and generating interest
  • New companies are emerging to improve how we handle, analyse and use “Big Data”

Telecom, IT and Financial Service are creating new economy

  • New disruptive technologies are chancing game
  • New business models are emerging (Freemium vs. Premium)
  • New global players are emerging (platform, operator and bank independence..)
  • Development of new economy and improved relationships throught-out value chain supported by emerging superior trading platforms

Unified Services is reaching wider range of platforms, devices and services, following evolution:

  1. Bundling internet, mobile, telephone and TV offerings (Double, triple, quadruple play,...).
  2. Creating services for multiple devices (single sign-on, cloud services,...)
  3. Creating special devices for services