Mobinance has experience to lead key strategic projects in telecom & media
and financial service sectors

Our world view

Never has there been so many disruptive technologies around than today. This is great time to be working in innovative companies. We will see old structures breaking down in multiple industries and many new companies will emerge as global player. All this will happen sooner than we think and change will be greater than ever before in industrial history.

This change is necessary and will guide us to a better future, where global brain capacity will be better utilized. Information (“Big Data”), especially social, behavioral and opinion led, will become increasingly important. We have not yet learned to use all this information efficiently and effectively in collaborative manner accross unified platforms, but there is no technical boundaries for it anymore.

Time of ignorant leaders is over - Love what you do without becoming a “hippie.” Believe in moral truth. Never underestimate or stop believing in your cultural values and heritage.


  • Future is mobile.
  • We must act globally, but generate value locally.
  • What ever you do, follow distruptive technologies, but always keep in mind user experience before technology.


Create, support, manage and implement innovative technologies in telecom, media, IT and financial industries by creating sustainable business models, strategies, ecosystems, distribution channels and educating local teams to find their true potential. All this must be done with respect and understanding of local culture, values and heritage.